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Some problems packaging libobjc2 version 1.6

From: Richard Stonehouse
Subject: Some problems packaging libobjc2 version 1.6
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2012 10:31:54 +0000
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I've been trying to build an RPM package of libobjc2 version 1.6. This was using GCC version 4.6.2 under a non-root username. The following occurred:

1.  The build failed when compiling objc_msgSend.S, because the
    compiler did not recognise the '-no-integrated-as' option
    that is used. I cannot find this option in the GCC documentation.
    Is it a clang-only feature? If so, is it OK - when using GCC - to
    omit this option (i.e. does GCC have an integrated-as at all?)

2.  When building using the Makefile, rather than the GNUmakefile,
    the DESTDIR variable is not honoured. DESTDIR is important for
    building packages. I think the attached patch overcomes this

3.  If you make install with 'strip=yes', using the Makefile rather
    than the GNUmakefile, it fails with a permission failure. The
    reason seems to be that the Makefile first installs the libraries
    as read-only, then attempts to strip them. It gets away with this
    if the make install is run under root, but not if it is run under
    a non-root username (which is usual when building packages).

I have some further problems but they may possibly be consequences of the above, or of my work-arounds, so I'd be grateful for feedback on these points.

    Richard Stonehouse

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