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From: Matthew Weinstein
Subject: Progress...
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2012 15:26:45 -0800

Okay, I'm an idiot and forgot that "open" on OSX is "openapp" on gnustep. The 
source of my problems. Result: I do have a working gnustep set up. Gorm seems 
semi stable, though it still can't open any of my nibs. When I open an xib it 
complains about GSTheme(0) (or something). At any rate I can muddle forward. 
I'll try compiling my nibs straight into an app next w/o going through Gorm, 
though I'd like to use gorm to tailor my nibs for GNUStep (though I could just 
create the nibs on the "OSX side of the house for GNUStep consumption)

Thanks for everyone's patience.

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