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Re: Question about NSToolbar

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Question about NSToolbar
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 20:24:55 +0200
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Am 24.09.2010 19:47, schrieb Germán Arias:
> I'm just trying to use a toolbar, but the standard items
> NSToolbarPrintItemIdentifier and  NSToolbarShowFontsItemIdentifier,
> aren't active. I need do some special thing to active these items? Of
> course, I can implement these, by hand, on the delegate method: 
> - (NSToolbarItem*) toolbar: (NSToolbar*)toolbar itemForItemIdentifier:
> (NSString*)itemIdentifier willBeInsertedIntoToolbar: (BOOL)flag
> But I whant know how the standard items work.

Hard to say without more information. The font item should be active as
soon as there is a first responder that understands
orderFrontFontPanel:. I think only the NSFontManager implements that
method and that object may not be available in your application.

I haven't checked the conditions of the printer item, but there will be
something similar.

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