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Re: GNUMail - problem adding IMAP account

From: German Arias
Subject: Re: GNUMail - problem adding IMAP account
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 16:22:22 -0600
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Unfortunately GNUmail is unmaintained. And is difficult say if these are bugs or incompatibilities with the latest GNUstep release.

Jawahar J. Panchal escribió:

Not sure if this is the best place to ask for help on GNUMail, but after searching around for a bit I still can't find a solution to the problem I am running into. I'm trying to get into GNUstep development, so I've installed the full environment along with WindowMaker and friends onto my laptop running Debian Squeeze. I am in the process of setting up GNUMail to access my email, and I can't get the application to add an IMAP account.

After adding in the same settings as I have in my (functional) Thunderbird setup, GNUMail will not let me view/subscribe to any IMAP folders and/or set an Inbox. The 'List' button under 'Receive Options' in the Preferences section for the account will not return back any folders. I can see in the console that the app is successfully authenticating against the IMAP server etc. The same server works under POP, but I really want to get IMAP to work. I have some info from various searches which hints that a similar bug was seen before in GNUMail, where one could not add an IMAP account mailbox because you were not connected to the server, and you couldn't get the list of folders without having an inbox (or something like that...). So GNUMail sees no mailboxes, and I am out of ideas.

Thanks in advance to anyone that provides their time and help!


P.S. If there is a GNUstep web browser that can do basic web browsing, I would be all set! Does anyone have any suggestions?

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