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Re: Problem with NSOpenGLView

From: German Arias
Subject: Re: Problem with NSOpenGLView
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 13:36:00 -0600
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glxgears works fine, and glxinfo seems to be OK, even I have direct rendering. I have Ubuntu 9.10 and an ATI radeon card. This is odd, because with Ubuntu 8.04 I don't had problems (And I had Blender without problems). I think this is a bug on Ubuntu.

address@hidden escribió:

First, try glxgears and look if it works. Second, look at the output of glxinfo. Third, what system and architecture are you on, which GPU and drivers are you using?

I had a funny issue with OpenGL a while ago on my Ubuntu box. Basically I got an X.Org update which as a sideffect reset the symlink to libGL.so. I was searching for hours for bugs in my code, not realizing that some default libGL.so was used instead the one of my NVIDIA driver.


Zitat von German Arias <address@hidden>:

Eric Wasylishen escribió:
Hm.. the segfault is in glGetError. It sounds like this bug, where glGetError segfaults if there is no current context (maybe try the example code given there?)

This example crash too :(

However, there may be something going wrong on GNUstep's side as well. Do other OpenGL apps work on your system?

I install Oolite and Blender. Oolite run, but after some seconds crash. Blender can't run: Segmentation fault. This seems to be a bug on Ubuntu and Debian.

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