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Camaelon and GNUstep (Was: Window flickering)

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Camaelon and GNUstep (Was: Window flickering)
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 23:15:23 +0100
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Andreas Höschler wrote:
> Has anybody a recent GNUstep version running with Etoile? I am
> considering to upgrade my tree in a couple of days but am wondering
> whether this is a good idea since I hear only bad things about Etoile
> with regard to recent changes in GNUstep!? Has anybody cared recently to
> check Etoile against GNUstep (Camaleon, Narcissus,...)?

Camaelon is still waiting for somebody to adopt the code to the GNUstep
change from last summer. To get this working is mostly a matter of
industry. You need to replace a lot of calls that leave out the flipped
value with ones that pass it on and in a few cases write a new
intermediate method that passes on the flipped stated.
If I had to do it (which I wont do!), I would start by grepping for
"flipped: NO" and replace all the method calls to that methods with
proper ones. That should solve 90% of the issues.
The next step would be to change the NSCell subclasses to the new
GNUstep draw method mechanism, which is actually rather close to what
Camaelon is already using.


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