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Re: GWorkspace in unknown state: bug?

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: Re: GWorkspace in unknown state: bug?
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2008 16:45:55 +0100
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Okay it happened again, command-h doesn't seem to bring back the icon. Clicking the left over icon (the windowmaker icon) brings up the window maker menu....

But I noticed something very weird they icon of GWorkspace seems to be tied to my mouse pointer. If I have my mouse in the left top of the screen the GWorkspace icon is over the window maker icon (see screenshot). If I move my mouse down the GWorkspace icon moves down also. It is only visible over the window maker icon, it does not move over other icons or the desktop.

Any insight is this strange behavior would be highly appreciated.

With kind regards,


Matt Rice wrote:
another thing to try when it happens again is, does right clicking the
icon bring up the gnustep app menu, or does it bring up a window maker

Matt Rice wrote:
sorry not on list, question

how are you hiding the application,
does it matter if you cmd-h vs hit the "hide" menu item
No, no difference

i'm wondering if cmd-h isn't being stolen by windowmaker which runs its
version of hide,
which somehow breaks, where hitting the hide menu item works maybe,
also try remapping windowmakers hide to something else and see if cmd-h
then works
What I noticed though is that Normally the "self drawn" icon of
GWorkspace is on top of the Window Maker icon, but when the problem
occurs that is not the case anymore, but it also not below the Window
Maker icon... what I will try is when it happens again is to quit all
other applications and use cmd-h to get it back, maybe that helps....

Thanks for the idea.


this is the only thing i could think of which would explain the
intermittent failure you're seeing.


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