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Fw: GNUStep - Windows Vista - WebObjects

From: YL
Subject: Fw: GNUStep - Windows Vista - WebObjects
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 10:53:00 -0700

 I've been using WebObjects 4..5.1 on windows 2k,  windows 2000 server,
windows 2003 server with no problems.
 WebObjects 4.5.1 on winXP is working fine, but XP is not so good as it adds
no benefits other than a supported OS to WO developers. I guess Vista will
be the same: not attractive to wo developers.  So from deployment point of
view, apps written in  Apple's WebObjects-ObjC will be ok for some years to
come on windows servers but eventually they need to be based on
GNUstep/GSWeb or SOPE etc.

 WebObjects-ObjC on windows is important to make GnuSTEP/ObjC/GSWeb etc
known to the general programming community. Also, being able to deploy on
windows is a big deal to many medium sized businesses and areas like China
where qualified unix IT people are very hard to find.

 Without EOF, WOF,  a platform can produce toys mainly to the business
 Without an IDE, all the nice frameworks will not nice enough for average

 Really hope GnuSTEP can be a competitive platform on windows so that I can
finally get rid of 4.5.1, a plat form so neat but discontinued. Currently
I'm still adding new features found in GnuSTEP/ObjC to WO4.5.1. Hope in that
way my code can be easily converted to fit in GnuSTEP while being useful
right now.

 What pbs not working on Vista is an interesting problem.  WO-ObjC windows'
port is very self sufficient and this time I see an exception.

> Keckeis, Erich wrote:
> AFAIK, none of the GNUstep Web developers is using Windows currently.
> Since gs-base works on Windows it should be possible to make GSWeb work on
> Vista too.
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>  (______)  http://www.turbocat.de/
> > We have developed a huge project (about 400000 lines) with WebObject
> > 4.0
> > in Objective-C which is running on Win XP.
> > Now we face the problem, that the
> > pasteboard Server is not running on
> > Windows Vista.
> >
> > Is there a possibility to
> > convert the projet to GNUStep and is it
> > running on Win-Vista ?
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