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Re: Drag & Drop Problem

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Re: Drag & Drop Problem
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 12:08:40 +0200

Hi Fred,

Are you referring to the same view that started the drag? It is possible
that GNUstep excludes this view from getting drag notifications.
If you mean another view, is it in the same application, same window?

Is this the first time you use drag&drop and if nto, what is the difference?

Yes, I am referring to the same view/window. It is a caalendar view and the drag and drop is supposed to move appointments from one day to another. This works on MacOSX. Does the spec say the originating view should be excluded?

I also realized problems while dragging from this calendar view to another view/window but haven't had time to dig into that any further. The weird thing is, I can drag to these two views from even another view/window (tableview) without problems. :-(

All is the same application and everything works fine on MacOSX. I will investigat ethe second case further, but IMHO there should be a way to avoid the exclusion (dragging within a view).



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