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Re: Refresh display bug

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Refresh display bug
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 22:34:02 +0200
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I am currently looking through old GNUstep mails and found this one. The
behaviour you describe used to be a problem caused by GNUstep using the
wrong font metrics. I never understood why this issue resulted in this
specific output. Now I haven't seen such output in GNUstep for years.
Either you have a very special system or your GNUstep installations was
somehow screwed up.

You mention CVS in your mail, GNUstep has switched to SVN years ago. Did
you really use the old version? If not, which backend are you using. If
you don't know it will be art, the default backend. Could you please try
with xlib as well?
And yes, if the problem persists, send in a bug report. The bug tracking
system is much more reliable than the mailing list.


Jonathan Hepburn wrote:
> Greetings,
> Apologies if this is already known:
> I have just done a clean installation of GS from current CVS, after
> entirely deleting /usr/GNUstep and all the non-WindowMaker stuff in
> $HOME/GNUstep, including .GNUstepDefaults.
> I get a display issue demonstrated by the attached screen shot of
> Ink.app showing a Gutenberg plain text file. The same bug occurs in
> GNUMail Mailboxes window and message list window and in configuration
> dialogues, including the icons category list in the GNUMail
> Preferences - essentially, any scrollable content. Plan text
> overwrites itself as shown. Lists, e.g. GNUMail Mailboxes window, will
> be only partially overwritten.
> The only way to force a refresh is to make a selection in the affected
> area, as demonstrated in the screenshot.
> The screenshot is using Camaelon, but the bug was present before
> Etoile (stable) was installed.
> Backend: art
> gcc: 4.1.2 - Debian.
> I wanted to pose it to the experts before submitting it as a bug (that
> may not make sense).
> More information gladly provided upon request.
> Slainte,
> J

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