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Re: focus problem

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: focus problem
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 23:47:27 +0200
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Yen-Ju Chen wrote:
>   For minimization, I can add "_GNUSTEP_WM_MINIATURIZE_WINDOW" atom in Azalea.
>   It is just another GNUstep-specific atom for window manager.
>   It would also be nice that GNUstep can remove the check for
>   WindowMaker (XGServerWindow.m, line 813 and 1960) for that atom
>   so that other window manager can know
>   GNUstep window support this minimization atom.

Sorry, it did take some time to reply to this suggestion.
I think that you should rather try to register for
_WINDOWMAKER_WM_PROTOCOLS yourself and then all the WM messages are also
send to your window manager.

>   I also notice that when last document window has modification
>   and user tries to close it and an alert window shows up,
>   if users select "don't save", both alert window and last document window
>   will be closed and the application will become inactive (menu disappears).
>   But interestingly, if I move the last document window first
>   before closing it, it will be fine (main menu stay).
>   I don't know where is the problem yet (GNUstep or window manager).

I could not reproduce this problem. Could you please send some more


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