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Re: A few things that have been on my mind...

From: Jesse Ross
Subject: Re: A few things that have been on my mind...
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 09:43:37 -0500

- How did the Google SoC projects go? I remember reading some stuff about them a few months back in the -dev mailing list, but nothing for the past weeks. Officially, it ended the beginning on last month, so is there anyway we can get an update?

- Has a decision been made as far as what font system will be used for the cairo backend? This was an interesting read, and from a completely ignorant point of view I ended up leaning more towards the nfont because of Jeff Teunissen's explanation made a lot of sense. I kind of like the concept, and even thought creating nfonts isn't particularly easy I thought it could be made so by including a provision for it in the make system.

I'm curious about these things as well... anyone care to provide an update?


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