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Re: NSTextView+NSScrollView patches

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: NSTextView+NSScrollView patches
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 23:11:57 +0100
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Wolfgang Lux schrieb:
> Hello list!
> Attached is a small patch for the NSTextView and NSScrollView classes.
> The NSTextView patch replaces the -scroll{Line,Page}{Up,Down}: methods
> by a working implementation. The method invocations are simply forwarded
> to the enclosing scroll view (if any). The NSScrollView patch implements
> -scrollLine{Up,Down}: (essentially copied from -scrollPage{Up,Down}:) and
> makes a scroll view interpret (page) up/down function keys. That way you
> can now scroll read-only text views with the cursor keys mostly similar
> to Mac OS X (*). A nice side effect is that you now can use the page up
> and down keys in other places, e.g., the file browsers of the open and
> save dialogs.
> Finally, the patch also changes the default key bindings along the lines
> used on Mac OS X, i.e., page up and down keys invoke -scrollPageUp:
> and -scrollPageDown: rather than -pageUp: and -pageDown: (ditto for
> control-up and control-down). The old page up and page down are still
> there but require pressing control or alternate in addition to page
> up and down. Note the subtle difference between -pageUp: and
> -scrollPageUp:.
> The former changes the current selection so that it is in the visible
> range after scrolling, whereas for the latter the selection remains
> unchanged. I clearly prefer the latter behavior as default for the
> page up and down keys, but this is certainly a matter of taste.
> Regards
> Wolfgang
> (*) It looks like Cocoa text views always invoke -interpretKeyEvents:
>> from their -keyDown: method instead of forwarding the call to the super
> class if the text view is not editable. The advantage of that is that
> the cursor keys used with modifier keys behave consistently for editable
> and read-only text views (which they don't with my patch). However, I am
> not sure whether all NSTextView actions are really prepared to do something
> useful (i.e., nothing) for read-only text views, so I refrained from
> changing NSTextView's -keyDown: method.

Commited, with a small change to the NSTextView code.

Thank you for this patch.

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