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From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: FOSDEM
Date: 27 Feb 2007 04:29:19 -0800
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> :-)  Remind me to get the URL of the hotel you use...I reckon if  
> you're looking at using a hotel in or near a well-connected city then  
> €60 per person/night is a low-end guess with €100 being closer to the  
> mark, unless GNUstep dev meetings are particularly cosy affairs ;-)
> [*].  Add another €150 for a small conference room for a day.

I paid 70 EUR incl. Breakfast for a **** hotel in Brussels this
and got a double king size room... Was just 4 stations from ULB by
The link I had used was hotel.de.

But I think it depends on season. If the city has a large fair area
there is a fair, prices will double, which is not fair :-). Or if it
Oktoberfest... So, Munich would definitively not be the right place
for an End of September meeting (if we want to keep cost low).

Here in the vicinity of Munich, most hotels or B&B don't charge for a
conference room separately, but have a fee per participant which
includes soft drinks, and lunch. But that might be different in
different countries.


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