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Re: Customizable filesystem support for GNUstep

From: Graham J Lee
Subject: Re: Customizable filesystem support for GNUstep
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 23:39:46 +0000

On 24 Feb 2007, at 21:40, Jeff Teunissen wrote:

By the way, there is only one "Admin" directory -- /NextAdmin. / LocalAdmin and /NetAdmin are not searched unless you specifically add them to the path with a dwrite, where /LocalApps and /NetApps are automagically supported (like
/LocalLibrary and /NetLibrary).

Yup, that's the "hard and fast" part of my next layout. Or at least part of it. Mapping all of the various GNUSTEP_${DOMAIN}_ADMIN_APPS onto GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ADMIN_APPS would suck worse than creating directories which match an implied structure, IMO.

Of course it's a somewhat academic discussion as the idea is that only the system distributors are providing administration apps, and everyone else's apps are local apps even if they happen to provide administrative functions ;-)



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