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Re: Symlinks from Tools to Applications

From: Ingolf Jandt
Subject: Re: Symlinks from Tools to Applications
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 12:11:26 +0100
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Here is what debian does IIRC:
There are symlinks like /usr/bin/GNUMail which point to an shell script /usr/bin/gnustep-wrapper.
This script openapps basename $0 (after sourcing GNUStep.sh?)

This is IMO much safer than linking directly to the binary directly, as it is practically just an abbreviation of what the user normally types. (And it is easier to create/update or to adjust i.e. when you decide move GNUStep from /usr/local to /usr or whatever.) Your approach is fragile in case of changes to the .app structure or to the library paths. (+ probably would need ldconfig every time sth is installed or updated)


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