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Re: Customizable filesystem support for GNUstep

From: Sergii Stoian
Subject: Re: Customizable filesystem support for GNUstep
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 15:11:58 +0200

Hi, Jeff.

According to the doc (OpenStep UIG) directory is called /Net. It's not prefix.
It can't be prefix because it's "mount point" for network resources.

Actually I have some thoughts about 'next' layout:

1. change GNUSTEP_*_LIBRARIES from /GNUDeveloper/Libraries to
/GNULibrary/Libraries besause libraries is used primarily for normal
applications and tools run.

2. Change GNUSTEP_USER_CONFIG_FILE to Library/Preferences/GNUstep.conf.


On 2/21/07, Jeff Teunissen <address@hidden> wrote:
Sergii Stoian wrote:


> Actually, what I called openstep is what Graham proposed. Exept the
> usage of /bin and /sbin
> dirs. I will not commit my layout because of 98% of similarity with Graham's.

The OpenStep Network prefix was Net. NetApps, NetLibrary, etc.

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