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From: Nicolas Roard
Subject: FOSDEM
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 12:38:41 +0000

Hi all,

Just a quick update about the fosdem... First.. materials.. I printed
50 color copies of the booklet
(http://www.roard.com/gnustep/fosdem_a4.pdf) and 50 color copies of
the brochure (http://www.roard.com/gnustep/GNUstep-brochure.pdf). In
addition, there's a few leftover from last year; I think it should be
enough (at worse we can print more in brussels) -- or more exactly I'm
pretty sure we'll run out of copies (people like color stuff..), but,
considering the small apparent impact those had, I don't know if we
should print much more than that (feel free to print some if you want
though). I also printed a bigger banner in addition to the small one
from last year. We should also have an étoilé livecd available (also
with an account setup for "standard" gnustep). Gürkan: did you do an
update of your livecd ?

For the talks, I'd like to film them -- like last year's attempt..
only better (http://www.xdev.org/fosdem2006) ;-)
Normally jesse should be able to bring a video camera, but if you can
bring one too, please do it (send me a private mail perhaps) -- it
will be better and more flexible if we can have two cameras instead of
one, obviously. In the same way, if you have a spare external hard
drive with lots of place, that could prove useful for the video.

On the booth, we'll have some books available
for people interested, but more importantly, I'd like us to really
make an effort to demo things to people -- not just sitting behind our
desk like we usually do... Gerhold is bringing a nice LCD screen, so
if you bring a machine with you, try to set it up (perhaps a demo
guest account ?) to easily demonstrate gnustep :-) ; ideally we could
take turn to do short demonstrations (gnustep environment, project
center / manager, gorm, converter demo, Windows port, etc). Again, if
you can bring a spare machine with you for the booth, that'd be great
-- spare LCD would be great as well.

Really, we should try our best to have an interesting booth -- that's
what people will see of gnustep.

Last thing.. I'll arrive in brussels thursday evening; if somebody
wants to meet before the fosdem (quentin and jesse will be there too)
just send me a mail.

See you in Brussels !

Nicolas Roard
"La perfection, ce n'est pas quand il n'y a plus rien à ajouter, c'est
quand il n'y a plus rien à retrancher." -- Antoine de St-Exupéry

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