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Re: Customizable filesystem support for GNUstep

From: oberhage
Subject: Re: Customizable filesystem support for GNUstep
Date: 20 Feb 2007 11:05:45 GMT
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Graham J Lee <address@hidden> wrote:
: On 16 Feb 2007, at 17:29, Stefan Bidigaray wrote:


while most of this seems to be correct, I would like to point
out two things here:

:> What I actually meant was, isn't the Mac layout exactly like the  
:> OPENSTEP layout?

This is the OPENSTEP, not the OpenStep filesystem layout down there! ...

: Not at all.  OPENSTEP on the left, Mac on the right:

: /NextApps     /Applications
: /NextAdmin    (/Applications/Utilities, /System/Library/CoreServices, / 
: Applications)
: /NextLibrary  /System/Library
: /NextDeveloper        /Developer
: /LocalApps    /Applications
: /LocalAdmin   /Applications
: /LocalLibrary /Library

and we (GNUstep) already had an intensive discussion about a filesystem
hierarachy some years ago in this forum. The result was a proposal
then located at http://www.linuxstep.org/documentation/GNUstepFH.html.

I made the mistake of only bookmarking this and not preserving a copy.
And now, the linuxstep page isn't in a working condition any longer - a pity.

I now extracted a copy from the groups-archive, but it is most probably
not(!) the latest/newest one. If someone payed better attention than me, he
may probably come up with a more recent version and/or a link to it.

In the meantime, 'my' URL might provide a basis:

When you're not aware of the existance of this document, you should read it
and the discussion(s) about it in this group around 2002/03.

Thanks and greetings,
 Ruediger Oberhage

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