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Re: Really learning ObjC

From: Graham J Lee
Subject: Re: Really learning ObjC
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 00:39:41 +0000

On 19 Feb 2007, at 20:22, Stefan Bidigaray wrote:

So I've been thinking about really learning ObjC recently. I mean, I know how to read the code in most programs, but I wouldn't have a clue if someone were to ask me do write code. I can do C pretty well for an Engineer but I'm oblivious to some of the language's functionality, mainly the O.O.ness! I've read all the material available online, but most of it doesn't go as in-depth as I'd like, and other go way too in-depth for my level. Since I learned most of what I know about C from "Programming in C" I thought I'd invest on the book "Programming in Objective C". I was wondering what is
the general consensus about this book?  Amazon also recommends "Cocoa
Programming for MacOS X", how's that book? I know there's some stuff on it on the main page, but I'd like to know if it's useful for GNUstep. I don't
have a Mac, so I'd have to do the examples and exercises in GNUstep!

This is a slightly off-the-wall answer, but I learned Pascal, followed by C at University (having taught myself BASIC and spent years trying to un-learn it). My introduction to *step was the NeXT network at University (which I ended up running for a couple of years), and everything I needed to know about ObjC I learned from Garfinkel and Mahoney's book. They did an updated book for Cocoa, called "Building Cocoa applications", but AFAICT everything in that book would translate over to GNUstep as long as you know how to write -make Makefiles, so look at the tutorials at www.gnustep.it for that.


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