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Window Manager for GNUstep

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Window Manager for GNUstep
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 14:59:18 +0100

Dear GNUSteppers,

can I assume that Window Maker is still the preferred Window Manager for someone who is aiming for a GNUstep desktop. We are currently using the latest version from blastwave. It works somehow. but there are issues.

• Its stability does not get close to what we are used from a Mac. Switching from Window/Application to Window/Application sometimes works, sometimes it does not (if the application is putting load on the CPU). Sometimes the desktop simply freezes and requires a login via telnet and a kill ... on the session to get going again. :-(

• It seems Window Maker is intercepting Command-1, Command-2 (numbers), Something I definitely don't want. I checked the Window Maker preferences but found no way to prevent that. :-)

What window manager should we use in combination with GNUstep/Etoile to get as close as possible to the user experience and stability of a Mac? Any recommendations?



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