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Re: Migration to Objective-C 2.0

From: Alex Perez
Subject: Re: Migration to Objective-C 2.0
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 00:17:30 -0800
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Graham J Lee wrote:
On 12 Feb 2007, at 12:51, Jeremy Tregunna wrote:

In my opinion, it's a lousy attempt to become C# -- read: pandering to MS developers, rather than taking care of its base. Bad strategy in my opinion.

Is that because existing ObjC developers are *real* developers who don't _need_ any fancy garbage collection or fast enumeration? ;-) IMO, the new features look useful[*]...take-up of course depends on how quickly and how many developers are willing to leave OS X 10.<=4 behind. Which if Core Data on 10.4 was anything to go by, is quite a number and quite soon.


[*]in different contexts of course...garbage collection probably wouldn't be too attractive on existing code unless you know you've got a retaincount bug *glares at Cocoa Bindings*


Hi there, This is Alex Perez. I recently had a private discussion with Greg Casamento, and by way of a third party who shall remain nameless, outside of the GNUstep community, your name came up as a nominee for a GNUstep steering committee, which Greg has endorsed as a general idea. I understand you're working for Nicola these days, and would appreciate it if you would remain mum with him for the time being. He will certainly be one of the members of the SC, but we wanted to ask you if you'd be interested. We'd like someone who is interested in the project, but still has a rather independent viewpoint, to be on the SC, along with one other person (if you have any suggestions, let us know) so we have an odd number of folks for tie-breaking purposes.

Greg is becoming unhappy with some of the core developers making unilateral decisions with regards to certain aspects of GNUstep, and I personally believe some folks are acting more in their own personal/corporate-represented interests and less so in the long-term interests of the GNUstep project as a whole.

I know you use AIM, and I'd love to chat with you about this at your convenience. Please add me, I'm 'aperezbios' via AIM, and would love to chat with you either there or here further, regarding this issue.

Alex Perez

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