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Re: NSPopUpButton bug

From: Marc Brünink
Subject: Re: NSPopUpButton bug
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 13:58:41 +0200

On Mittwoch, Jul 26, 2006, at 13:05 Europe/Berlin, Chris Vetter wrote:

On 2006-07-26 12:59:04 +0200 Marc Brünink <address@hidden> wrote:
could someone please confirm this bug:
If you stuff so many items in a NSPopUpButton that the height of the button
is greater than your screen height you are in trouble.

If, for example, you take a look at GNUMail's Font preferences, in my case the
popup list goes well beyond the upper and lower limits of the screen.

However, if I move the mouse to the top (or bottom), the content of the popup list
will automatically scroll up (or down).

This works for me, too. As long as the complete height of the PopUpButton is lesser than the height of the screen. As soon as the PopUpButton is bigger it does not scroll correctly anymore. Or to say it another way: As long as the PopUp is affected by only one edge of the screen, everythings works fine. But as soon as I try to scroll up or down at one edge and the opposite edge sticks out of the screen, too, I'm in trouble. So If you do not have this problem: Do you ever have had it? Was this fixed in cvs recently?

A screenshot is attached.


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