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Re: Planning to move into Debian...

From: Gürkan Sengün
Subject: Re: Planning to move into Debian...
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 09:41:59 +0200
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I'm a Windows expert... but now, I really like to get knowledge on Linux technology and I don't know where to start...

start by trying out and using... (whatever "windows expert" is..)

I have a Compaq Deskpro Intel Pentium III @500 MHz PC with 512 Mb RAM that I can use to start learning... Right now, I'm downloading ISO images for Debian Linux, and I'm headed to install it.

If you do you want sarge (testing) or even better, sid (unstable).

There are Debian drivers available for that hardware? Where?
Also, I would like to have a nice GUI like the one in the good old NextStep... which one I should use?

easiest to find out and try is probably http://livecd.gnustep.org/

And finally I will need some SQL database and a programming tool for develop database applications? What should I use here?

GNUstep live CD comes with Postgresql


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