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Re: Install gnustep-base standalone

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: Install gnustep-base standalone
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 00:56:02 +0200

On 25. Apr 2005, at 18:27 Uhr, dieymir wrote:
It's a bit inmature if you compare it with gnustep-base, you have
listed some of the caveats in TODO,

Ah, OK, so you mean "incomplete wrt OpenStep Foundation API". Yes, thats right and we do not target for that. Having said that I don't think that libFoundation is "inmature" compared to gnustep-base. The latter just has more stuff in it.

incomplete UTF support (not a problem for me) in NSString,

Yup. I think this is the only thing we really consider missing (but not a problem for most, as you note ;-)

some classes unimplemented or not complete

Unimplemented classes should be removed.
I'm not aware of incomplete ones.

more testing needed

Which part requires more testing? libFoundation is very well tested.

I think that you need to make libFoundation more publicly available.

Personally I would prefer that gnustep-base evolves into a state so that it can be used for non-GNUstep development (eg no GNUstep.sh, proper integration into Unix/Windows).

I definitely would like to drop lF once gstep-base is a suitable replacement.

If you go to its project page:
You'll find there version 0.9.0 February 1999, in fact I thought that
the project has been abandoned until someone pointed me to OGo, where
after some searching I was able to find the download of version 1.0.72
(I think this is the current one).

Yes, we tend to promote gstep-base instead of libFoundation :-)

In fact I'm very interesting in libFoundation because I want to
program in Objective-C and any modern OO language needs an utility
library like C++ STL or Java API to be completely useful, I think that
the lack of such thing makes lot of harm to ObjC. gnustep-base has the
problem that it's very integrated in the GNUstep environment and it's
not intended to be used standalone like any other library you can link
and this is what I like about libFoundation.

I'm not entirely sure I get your point. IMHO you map "incomplete wrt OpenStep" to "immature". The latter certainly does not hold true for lF.


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