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Re: Install gnustep-base standalone

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Install gnustep-base standalone
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 19:22:43 +0100

On 2005-04-22 15:06:30 +0100 dieymir <address@hidden> wrote:

I want to know if it's possible to install gnustep-base standalone
(for example in /usr/local/{bin,lib,share,include}) and give up the
GNUstep directory hierarchy.

The quick answer is YES, easily.

The longer answer is that some of the capabilities of gnustep-base expect the standard directory hierarchy.

Timezone information comes from files in a standard location, though on windows the system should fallback to using the standard windows timezone iformation if gnustep timezone files are not found.

Localization (alternative language files) are also searched for in the standard directory hierarchy.

So if you need localization and other resources, you need the files somewhere ... either in the standard place or in another place set by modifying the startup file (or hard coded if you want to change the sourcecode).

If you don't have the resources, there will be complaints written to stderr (though you can suppress that by setting the NSLog_printf_handler pointer in your code).

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