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Improvements via a little Icon-luvvin.

From: Thom Cherryhomes
Subject: Improvements via a little Icon-luvvin.
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 22:29:26 -0500

I decided that the default icons for GNUstep were driving me
completely and utterly batty.. I had this great look via Nesedah, but
I wanted to make it look even better with a consistent set of icons...

I had chosen the popular Crystal icon set, because of its consistency,
and I will be trying others, soon.. but this is the first, of many
batches of screenshots that I am showing off....

Now, keep in mind, I did this merely to show the NEED for not only a
consistent icon set for GNUstep, but a consistent set of rules that
are needed for the default set of icons for GNUstep.. This is
especially important because the icons for each application are part
of the app bundles, themselves!

Thoughts? What do you think?


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