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Re: I need help

From: Yves de Champlain
Subject: Re: I need help
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 21:33:16 -0400

Le 05-04-22, à 20:59, Pascal J.Bourguignon a écrit :

DANIEL hoggan writes:

I tried reinstalling them all but either wm or gnustep does'nt recognise that their there and I can't do anyy work, I've tried to look through the
file manager but to know avail, hope somebody can help thanks

Actually, I forget about this menu (it's not the NeXTSTEP way), and
rely on the Dock of WindowMaker: the first time I launch the program
from the terminal, and if I think I'll need the application later, I
drag its icon onto the WindowMaker Dock.

GNUstep/System/Tools contains a little helper : openapp

so, once it si in your PATH, you can just type, for example, "openapp GWorspace"

Now, for GNUstep, you should run GWorkspace.app (put it as the first
application in the Dock, and auto-launch it).  Then the applications
are found in /GNUstep/System/Applications or

it can also be /usr/GNUstep or /usr/local/GNUstep


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