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Gnustep tied to metacity

From: DANIEL hoggan
Subject: Gnustep tied to metacity
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 22:49:15 +0000

I understand that you can't launch Gnustep as if you are launching another application, however I wondered about providing something along these lines and just wanted to know what you thought.

By tying in Gnustep to metacity I get an applet in the panel of my gnome desktop, this applet will not actually launch Gnustep but will use it as the framework, ie If i click on this applet then Gnustep becomes my Enviroment, it will use the technologies that are available for the host Desktop, but will actually provide it's own set of Apps in a virtual, collapsable, enviroment. I am thinking of something like Athene for windows, I don't know if you Know what I mean, but it is the desktop experience of the Rocklyte systems Athenyx OS, that they packaged for Windows and Linux, But it's the Windows version that actually launches itself in the way I'd like to do for Gnustep.

To clarify, I do not intend to Launch Gnustep as an application, but clicking on the Gnustep applet in the panel, will launch a virtual enviroment, utilising the desktops technologies ie metacity for window management, and launching it's own applications within this virtual enviroment. Gnustep would be providing the framework for this to work, but would be tied to the desktops existing technologies.

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