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Re: NSAttributedString size

From: Jonathan Isom
Subject: Re: NSAttributedString size
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 17:26:56 -0500

What version of gnustep are you using? here is what i get 
on 5 day cvs:
astr size: w=61.000000, h=14.000000
astra H12 size: w=56.000000, h=18.000000
astra H24 size: w=112.000000, h=36.000000

On 2005-04-19 05:56:17 -0500 Stéphane Goujet <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hello,
>   I have troubles using NSAttributedString's size method to get the area the 
> string needs for display.
>   It seems that it just does not work but maybe I do not use it the right 
> way. 
> The way I use it, it produces good results with Cocoa, but very bad ones with 
> GNUstep.
>   In the test program, I try to initialize the NSAttributedString :
> 1st, without attributes ;
> 2nd, with a font attribute, which should be the same as the default one used 
> in the 1st case ;
> 3rd, with a font attribute, the size of which is twice as big.
>   All those succeed with Cocoa, all fail with GNUstep. Any idea ?
> --------------------- Linux/GNUstep results ------------------------
> astr size: w=16564.000000, h=14.000000
> astra H12 size: w=16564.000000, h=14.000000
> astra H24 size: w=5666.000000, h=27.000000
> ------------------------- Cocoa results ----------------------------
> astr size: w=56.000000, h=15.000000
> astra H12 size: w=56.000000, h=15.000000
> astra H24 size: w=112.030998, h=30.000000

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