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Re: porting to mac os x

From: M. Uli Kusterer
Subject: Re: porting to mac os x
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 20:20:53 +0200

At 19:31 Uhr +0200 15.04.2005, Marko Riedel wrote:
not sure if the following question is appropriate for this list -- my
apologies if it isn't. I'm trying to port a simple GNUstep application to
Mac OS X. The source compiles without a single warning or error message.
So far so good. When I launch the application from within XCode, however,
it aborts with the message "Unable to load nib file: MainMenu, exciting."

I think there's a "Main NIB file" project setting you can set to be empty so it won't try to load a NIB. If that doesn't do the job, you could just create an empty NIB file in IB and name that MainMenu.nib.

But *do* use one of the Cocoa Application templates, or you won't get a bundle (which is why it errored on Info.plist).
M. Uli Kusterer
       "The Witnesses of TeachText are everywhere..."

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