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Re: ViewPDF question

From: Stefan Kleine Stegemann
Subject: Re: ViewPDF question
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 19:25:42 +0200


I do not think it has anything to do with Xorg as I use XFree86 and also experience the same
My guess is that the PDFKit framework has changed in some way.
Obviously do the PDFKit work as the PDF inspector in GWorkspace works fine.

No, PDFKit did not change for a long while. Maybe that's the probelm :-)

The real problem is in ViewPDF. It was my first real GNUstep app and i think i did many things wrong. So i started a major rewrite of the app a while ago. But i have to admit that it did not get very far until now. I didn't have a working GNUstep installation (OSX is my primary environment now) at the moment so it's a bit difficult to work on it. Another point is that i'm doing many other things at the moment. Honestly, i have to admit that i'm a little bit unsure about the future of ViewPDF. I thought that i would have more time to work on my GNUstep projects this year but unfortunatly, it didn't really look like this will become true. If someone wants to spend some time working on ViewPDF, please let me know.


Stefan Kleine Stegemann
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