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Re: World-Wide (ish) NeXT Meetups

From: Graham J Lee
Subject: Re: World-Wide (ish) NeXT Meetups
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 10:27:51 +0100

On 2004-05-31 03:03:18 +0100 Nicolas Roard <address@hidden> wrote:

> Le 31 mai 04, à 00:42, Quentin Mathé a écrit :
>> Le 30 mai 04, à 20:40, Simon Stapleton a écrit :
>>> I for one would be willing to host AlpenStep (Hey, I had to.  Sorry.) 

*giggle* :-)

>> But I think it's better for this October event to stick to Oxford because 
>> we would have a real audience and rich exchanges (with the university, the 
>> english cocoa/unix developers etc.), also a high speed internet connection.
> Yep, if we do that in Oxford it would probably be easier to attract people.

OK, well I've sent e-mails to people in my department as well as comp sci, 
asking about availability of lecture rooms and the like; I'll keep the list 
informed as to what's going on regarding the Oxford meet (even if I just set up 
a blog for it and point you all to there).  Unfortunately the university term 
starts in October, so various rooms *will* be in use at various times but 
hopefully it will be possible to arrange a venue for *most* of Sat-Tue 
(although for Monday this may end up being a Starbuck's or something).

I've asked the university compsoc whether they would 'officially' host the 
weekend, which would give me a bit more legitimacy in trying to book university 
resources ;-).  HEALTH WARNING: I will *not* be booking accommodation for 
people, you'll have to do that yourself.  A little nearer the time I can 
provide links to travelodges/hotels/bed n breakfasts, that kind of thing.

More Nicholas Roard:

> Then, the tuesday, we could have some kind of "OpenStep Day", with
> talks -- from NeXT/Cocoa devs, and from us (like a talk to present
> gnustep, its current state and future, and another to show the
> technology...)
> Targetting OpenStep will permit to have more people the tuesday and
> could be quite interesting for everybody (plus we'll be able to show
> gnustep to the people that are the most likely to use it in the first
> place)

Sounds like a great idea!  We should probably put out a "call for speakers" or 
something - but to whom?  I can put out an e-mail to OpenDarwin and to Apple's 
Cocoa list, and I'm on a NeXTSTEP-users list that may turn up something 
fruitful.  Is anyone on, say, WebObjects, Omni, O'Reilly or Stepwise mailing 
lists that they could bomb^Wpresent our CFS on?  Oh, and who will give a talk 
on behalf of GNUstep, and will there be any GSWeb people there?  And is anyone 
willing to write (or at least proofread my attempt at) a call for speakers?

This looks like it will be an exciting event (I only hope I manage to book us 
some room at the Uni!)


Graham Lee
Wadham College

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