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Re: World-Wide (ish) NeXT Meetups

From: Nicolas Roard
Subject: Re: World-Wide (ish) NeXT Meetups
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 03:03:18 +0100

Le 31 mai 04, à 00:42, Quentin Mathé a écrit :

Le 30 mai 04, à 20:40, Simon Stapleton a écrit :

I for one would be willing to host AlpenStep (Hey, I had to. Sorry.) chez moi in the French Alps. Should have enough room for 8-10 to stay here by October, I can have a wireless 'net set up (although connections to the internet are liable to be a little - well, let's just say - dialup.

If we can arrange for synchronized arrivals, I could even do pickups from Geneva or Annecy.

I'm thinking a 3-4 day heavy duty development frenzy, with wine and cheese.

Well that looks cool and I could come…

I agree, that sounds *very* cool ;-) (ok... particularly the wine and cheese part... ^_^)

But I think it's better for this October event to stick to Oxford because we would have a real audience and rich exchanges (with the university, the english cocoa/unix developers etc.), also a high speed internet connection.

Yep, if we do that in Oxford it would probably be easier to attract people.

Otherwise, this summer during July and August I will be in Annemasse near Annecy and Nicolas Roard should be somewhere in the French Alps also, then may be we can do something like a ultra-small-developer-meeting-… (iirc there are also some steppers in Switzerland).

Not really, I should be in Marseilles :-) but yes, I could go to the alps for a few days, that's doable (I will be in France in july normally). So if you organize something in july, why not.


Nicolas Roard

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