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Re: Status of ProjectCenter?

From: Serg Stoyan
Subject: Re: Status of ProjectCenter?
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 09:12:24 +0300

Hello Alex,

> The last ProjectCenter release was 0.3.6, made on 10/13/2003. Is this
> project dead, dormant, or did it commit suicide? The last CVS commit was

The project is alive.

> on Friday, May 7, about two weeks ago, and prior to that was over two
> months ago. Is the current developer still Serg Stoyan? If so, can you

Yes. I'm a current maintainer. Moreover I've had some serious problems with
address@hidden mailbox. So, meantime my e-mail is changed to

> give us an update on what's going on? Last I'd heard there was some
> serious refactoring going on. Do you have any plans to use the new

If you look into Documentation/TODO file you may notice closeness of PC to
the release.

> NSToolbar code, just out of curiosity?

No, I don't plan to use NSToolbar at least for now. What do you dislike in
current toolbar in ProjectWindow?

Serg Stoyan

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