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Re: NSProcessInfo is not initialized when debugging

From: Martin Kuball
Subject: Re: NSProcessInfo is not initialized when debugging
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 14:30:39 +0200
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I did some more investigation. And the problem with the debian 
packages seems to be that both gnustep-gui libs are linked against 
the non-debug version of the gnustep-base lib. I recompiled 
gnustep-gui from source with gnustep-base-dbg installed. And it 
works. gui-dbg is now linked against the debug version of the base 


Am Sunday 23 May 2004 18:19 schrieb Simon Stapleton:
> > From: Martin Kuball <address@hidden>
> > Subject: Re: NSProcessInfo is not initialized when debugging
> > To: address@hidden
> > Message-ID: <address@hidden>
> > Content-Type: text/plain;  charset="iso-8859-1"
> >
> > Nobody knows an answer? Or am I simply not in the right group to
> > ask this question?
> No, this is the right group.  Or one of them, at least.
> As for the answer, I can't be absolutely certain, but it's likely
> to be this (at least, this was the problem when I encountered the
> very same problem a couple of weeks ago)
> I suspect you have a mixture of debug and no-debug frameworks
> installed.
> What will happen in this case is that your debugging frameworks
> will link to libgnustep_d, and your non-debugging frameworks will
> link to libgnustep.  ldd your application and see what gives.  If
> this is the probllem, what seems to be happening is that one of the
> linked frameworks happily initialises, but then the other fails.
> The problem seems to be that frameworks can't exist as both debug
> and non-debug versions (a sensible approach would be to have both
> debug and no-debug libraries in the same wrapper, but that doesn't
> happen with the current version of make)
> The approach I took to fixing this was to uninstall everything, and
> make sure that I only installed debug versions of everything.
> Yes, it's a pain.
> Hope that helps.
> Simon
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