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GDL2, postgres adaptor issues.

From: Simon Stapleton
Subject: GDL2, postgres adaptor issues.
Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 16:07:55 +0200

Hi again.

OK, I've been playing with some fairly heavy duty postgres usage under GDL2, and I've hit a problem or two. Fixable, though.

First off, EOKeyValueCoding seems to be broken, around the performXXXforKey: handling. The problem shows itself when you try to use eogenerator to build source files.

Here's my patch to make it work. It's not too clean, but it doesn't seem to have broken anything else, and I needed this to be working in order to get any further. My apologies for the quality of the code.

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Next up, data types expect bpchar as their external type. This causes me a problem, as I was needing bytea, which would seem to me to be the most logical choice anyway. I have a hacky fix (again), but I propose a better solution, as follows:

Postgres95Channel should check for binary types and use PQunescapeBytea() to unescape the data before creating the attributes (round about line 400, in -fetchRowWithZone:), and should use PQescapeBytea() in -insertRow:ForEntity: and updateValues:inRowDescribedByQualifier:entity: whenever we're writing out bytea data.

An added bonus to this is that we could avoid the large object interface entirely (although that might be needed when people are adding really large objects to tables)

Here's my hacky fix which seems to work so far (although, it has to be said, I haven't been thrashing it yet)

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