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Re: The need for a libobjc maintainer

From: Ziemowit Laski
Subject: Re: The need for a libobjc maintainer
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 11:26:11 -0800

On 31 Oct, 2003, at 9.27, Adam Fedor wrote:

We would be happy to have Andrew become libobjc maintainer. Andrew seems to have some motivation to apply outstanding patches and good ideas for the future. However, being the other large user of GCC Objective-C (and the major user of GNU libobjc), I think we would like to see a GNUstep developer be appointed as a co-maintainer. I think it is important that we have some visibility and authority over the long-term direction of the system.

If you agree, I'd like to nominate Nicola Pero. Nicola already has write-on-approval status with GCC and has actively been involved in patching and improving GCC Objective-C and libobjc.

Yes, absolutely. It would be good to have one maintainer who actually lives on the GNU runtime day-to-day, and then another who has exposure to the Darwin side of things (esp. differences between the GNU and NeXT runtimes). So, if Nicola agrees to run for office :-), I'm definitely for nominating both him and Andrew.

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