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Re: Ocean Resources also RE: Compiling from scratch

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: Re: Ocean Resources also RE: Compiling from scratch
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 12:21:08 +0100

Ian Jones wrote:

> Hi Dennis,
> I had similar thoughts with regard to a repository of thorughly tested
> applications and gnustep installation / dependancies. Though if you
> have a certain version of a piece of software tested, it would be
> easier and just as useful to put a url for it and spare yourself the
> bandwidth usage. Same goes for those developers with cvs, maybe if
> people can just give you feedback about what applicationts worked well
> for them on a certain date we could do a cvs co of that code and use
> it, or create tarballs of it if necessary.

That's it :) I create the tarballs.
It doesn't matter to me if I have to maintain the respository just on my
laptop or also on the Internet. With this situation I atleast have a
backup if my laptop fails :)
If the bandwidth use gets out of hand... its time to think about the next
solution :)

> I'm very keen on getting to
> know cvs at the moment, it seems a pretty wonderful tool and one that
> we could use to our advantage. Maybe application developers would
> consider keeping a semistable tag? Then people could keep reasonable
> current without the risk of being landed with something that doesn't
> work.

I will look into your script next week. Then I wil also release a pre
release of my library detect tool.
The old-tool can be given a library name. It detects the path to the
library tries to figure out it's version and hopefully finds out where
the include files are being stored.
I am now working on the ability to do a compare. Which means you also
tell the script what the minimal version of a lib must be and the result
is: gt lt or eq for greater, less or equal with the position in the
version number (1=major 2=minor 3=bug 4=???) It seems to work but I will
do some testing first.

With this we might be able to deliver precompiled binaries... just a


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