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NeXT boot problem

From: Spiridon Mihai
Subject: NeXT boot problem
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 16:08:15 +0300

i am new with NeXT and my computer does not start. Here is my last screen 
when i try to start mach_kernel with -v option:
Registering: fc0

Registering: fd0

Registering: PS2Controller

Registering: PCKeyboard0

Registering: PMCCIA0

PCI bus support enabled

Registering: PCI0

Registering: EISA0

Registering: event0

Registering: Km Device0

Root dev 600, howto0

Power management is enabled

Checking disk

Unknown error is reboot fsck

Setting up root mount entries

-: 20 illegal instruction 

erase ^? intr ^C Kill ^U

-: 21 illegal instruction

 i receive a # prompt but the only command i can give is "ls", for the others 
like "cat", "chroot", "reboot", "fsck" i receive "illegal instruction" answer

what can i do to restore the system?

thank you

Cristian Spiridon


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