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Re: Soliciting Thoughts on the new NSController

From: Jeff Teunissen
Subject: Re: Soliciting Thoughts on the new NSController
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 04:48:54 -0500

Chris Hanson wrote:

> On Oct 29, 2003, at 7:18 PM, Alexander Malmberg wrote:
> > Well, quality-discussions aside, it should be noted that these are
> > extensions in _apple's_ gcc. No released version of normal (fsf) gcc
> > supports them, and it doesn't seem very likely that 3.4 will.
> It should also be noted that, by owning the trademark, Apple controls
> the definition of Objective-C.  At least until there's a standards
> committee for the language (then all bets are off).

Ownership of a trade mark on the word "Objective-C" does not give anyone
control over the definition of the language, only what may be called
"Objective-C". Apple do not own _any_ rights to the language.

Apple does not seem to have any problem with GCC's Objective-C compiler,
even though each has a different set of extensions to the language they
compile. Apple's compiler extensions include the Java-derived exception and
thread-synchronization crap^Wstuff. GNU's extensions include typed
selectors. Which of these extensions is part of the Objective-C language?
Both and neither.

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