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Re: GNUstep installation, was Compiling from scratch.

From: Markus Hitter
Subject: Re: GNUstep installation, was Compiling from scratch.
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 10:14:39 +0100

Am Sonntag, 26.10.03 um 05:53 Uhr schrieb Jason Clouse:

How about a single build script that will analyze your system and installed libraries/binaries, and give you a detailed report of everything that needs to be downloaded and installed, including minimum version numbers, AND in the necessary order? For the entire core.

Even better, the configuration script could offer to download a known-to-work version of the required librari(es), then build and install them somewhere in the gnustep environment. All automated. Should just require a "wget ... && configure --prefix ... && make && make install".

I've seen this when building mldonkey (they require a rare programming language) and it worked great.


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Dipl. Ing. Markus Hitter

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