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Re: argv not properly set up

From: Eric Heintzmann
Subject: Re: argv not properly set up
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 20:50:30 +0200
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Jim Balhoff wrote:

I'm just trying out the Simply GNUstep packages which Chad Hardin has put together for Debian Sarge, and I'm running into a problem. While these apparently work for Chad and others, whenever I try to launch any GNUstep executable (such as gpbs or gdnc or any app), I get this error:

Error: for some reason, argv not properly set up during GNUstep base initialization

Can anyone suggest what might be behind this problem?

Jim Balhoff


2 debian users got this error too.
AFAIK this error message is coded in NSProcessInfo class (in method initializeWithArguments: ...) called for example at the beginning of make_service. The error happens when argv=0 or argv[0]=0, but I have no idea how argv (or argv[0]) can be null.

Any ideas ?


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