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Re: backend docs

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: backend docs
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 09:11:24 -0600

On Wednesday, October 22, 2003, at 05:31 AM, Rogelio M.Serrano Jr. wrote:

On 2003-10-22 19:18:20 +0800 Alexander Malmberg <address@hidden> wrote:

"Rogelio M.Serrano Jr." wrote:
where can we get implementation documentation on gnustep-back and
gnustep-gui besides the sources?
There is some (but not much) in back/Documentation, but that's it.
- Alexander Malmberg
Discuss-gnustep mailing list

Ouch! That means i have to start writing some docs before i can start writing code.

I wrote a little bit a long time ago, but now I can't find it. I'll have to look around.

Although, theoretically, the back-end should be based mostly on NSGraphicsContext and GSDisplayServer in gui (somewhat documented). Although there are other parts, like fonts and font management.

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