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recruiting (was Re: GNUstep roadmap)

From: Pete French
Subject: recruiting (was Re: GNUstep roadmap)
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 11:34:05 +0100

Philip Moetteli wrote:
> and I just can't find a job in the GS world. There's just no time at
> all left. But I would love to!

Actually I am probably looking to recruit an Objective-C programmer
in the near future and would ideally like someone from the GNUstep
world as that is the closest skills match to what I am after. The job
isnt actually GNUstep, but its another OpenStep inspired ObjC system
and I neeed someone who is happy working at the command line with
make and the normal UNIX tools. Intially the jobis to go through all
the existing code and document it, and as a result learn exactly how it works
to then be an extra developer - because at the moment there is only one,
and thats me!

There are also a couple of in-house tools which are written in GNUstep with
Renaissance to run both on the UNIX boxes and OSX - and the person I am
looking for would also get to work on those. So there is some scope for 
continuing to work on GS, and get paid for it too :-)

Job will be based in The Angel in London. Is there anyone out there who
might be interested ?


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