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Suggestion for dock

From: Stephane Tremblay
Subject: Suggestion for dock
Date: 20 Oct 2003 10:47:49 -0400

Hi there! I was a Gnome/KDE user for a long time and I was getting bored
with the concept of havinga taskbar with a menu and all... It looked so
MS Windows-like. On day a co-worker was using GNUStep and I was
surprised at how fast he could work with this thing. I downloaded it and
I've been using GNUStep for more than a year now and to tell you the
truth, I think its the quickest most practical window manager I've ever

Speaking (or writing in this case) of being practical, I bet you guys
have already used AfterStep (Or NextStep)  at least once, right? I tried
it once and I noticed there were these elements in the dock that worked
like "drawers" When clicking on an icon, a new set of icons would come
out of this one. It would be so great if that function could be added to
the dock or the clip in GNUStep. We would be able to save a whole lot of
space and organize our applications by their types. (Ex: web browsers,
text editors, IM apps, configuration, etc)

Tell me what you think!
Stéphane Tremblay
Étudiant en génie logiciel
Université ÉTS Montréal.

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