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Re: Debian and SimplyGNUstep

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: Debian and SimplyGNUstep
Date: 14 Oct 2003 21:27:52 -0600

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 12:22, Helge Hess wrote:
> On 09.10.2003, at 05:19, Chad Hardin wrote:
> > FHS is great for the typical UNIX system, and I don't want to change 
> > it all, with the exception of the GNUstep stuff.
> I know that this issue is very unpopular in the GNUstep list, but I 
> would also *very* much like to see the ability in gstep-make to 
> configure for FHS places instead of "OpenStep" ones.
> Eg:
>    /System/Libraries => /usr/lib
>    /Local/Libraries  => /usr/local/lib
>    /System/Library/  => /usr/share/
> etc, whatever is appropriate.

Well, I'm not advocating anything, but it seems like it should be
possible for someone to prepare a simple patch to gnustep-make that
would change dirs so they are in the proper FHS places. I imagine most
people who would use GNUstep this way would be getting prepackaged stuff
anyway, so the rpm or debian maintainer could apply this patch
automatically in the build so the user wouldn't have to worry about it.

Attached is an example of what probably needs to be done, although it's
not complete and not tested (currently need to regenerate configure and
./configure --prefix=/usr --without-system-root)

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