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Re: Getting glyphs for characters

From: stefan
Subject: Re: Getting glyphs for characters
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 14:39:34 +0200 (CEST)
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> Hi,
>   I use the private method in the text system:
>   static glyph_run_t run;
>   run.font = theFont;
>   run.head.char_length = 1;
>   [layoutManager _generateGlyphsForRun: &run at: index];
>   Not sure whether it will work for you because it need NSLayoutManager.
>   You might not have one in PDF viewer.

i think it wont because it's true, i do not have a layout manager instance
and also don't know where 'to get it'.

>   And char_length is the length of unichar,
>   which might be different than the glyph length due to ligature.
>   You need other methods to get the correct one.
>   But basically, in xlib backart, the glyph is the same as character
> (unichar).
i will see if this works as workaround as long as there is no
glyphForCharacter in xlib.

>   It would be nice to have the -glyphForCharacter in xlib-backart, too.
yes, that would be nice.


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