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SimplyGNUstep repository is set up

From: Chad Hardin
Subject: SimplyGNUstep repository is set up
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 19:37:16 -1000

Ok, I make a whole mess of Debian Packages for GNUstep. Some of them are based upon the actual Debian packages but I made most of them myself. Unlike the Debian packages, these packages install in a more friendly manner.

Local is in /
System is in /System
and Networks is in, you guessed it, /Network

Most of the applications install into /Applications. Development stuff goes in /Applications/Developer. Games are in /Applications/Games

These packages are not based on Debian "woody", they where built on a "Sarge" system. You may get them to install on woody, I haven't bothered trying.

So, all you gotta do is install yourself a Debian "Sarge" system. Grab the cd-rom image here: http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/netinst/i386/sarge-i386- netinst.iso

After the install, install windowMaker (apt-get install wmaker)

Oh, and get X11 working.

Next, add the SimplyGNUstep repository by adding these lines to /etc/apt/sources.list : deb http://simplygnustep.sourceforge.net/Packages/ binary-i386/
     deb-src http://simplygnustep.sourceforge.net/Packages/     source/

Now pull in the repository with an "apt-get update"

To install, you have three meta-packages: sgstep-meta-user, sgstep-meta-developer, and sgstep-meta-games

So, for a basic install, just do a "apt-get install sgstep-meta-user"

If you want Gorm, ProjectCenter, all the debug libs, headers, docs etc, do a "apt-get install sgstep-meta-developer"

Now start X11 and enjoy!

BTW, GWorkspace is installed in /System/Applications, if your looking for it.

Of course, the repository will be maintained. So to update, just do a "apt-get update" and then a "apt-get upgrade" and you will always have the newest GNUstep software w/o any fuss at all!



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