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[Q] Segmentation Fault error of AddressManager.app

From: NeXT
Subject: [Q] Segmentation Fault error of AddressManager.app
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 15:00:57 +0900


I'm very glad to use your great AddressManager.app application :-) But I'm afraid that I have to say it has a bug. I'm using most recent CVS version of GNUstep and using ART backend. When I run AddressManager.app it died with segmentation fault error. What I've found is wakeFromNib of Controller.m has a problem. -setFillsSuperview: needs a super view but current code does not set superview before above method. I can fix this by changing order of method sending; [clipView setDocumentView: personView] first and [personView setFillsSuperview:...] second. I'm not super whether this is right thing or backend specific problem, but hope this can help your debugging life easier :-)

Thanks in advance.

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